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Sound Byte Entertainment **our site is moving see below**

Pricing Information


Pricing for information only. Prices subject to change at any time. Wedding dances outside of a 50 mile radius of either our San Antonio or Central Texas office may be subjec to a trip charge.  Please ask for details. A stair charge of $15. per flight may be imposed on events that do not have elevator access.   An access fee may be charged on events that do not have level or close proximity access to the event setup. Please contact Sound Byte for detailed information.

Sound Byte Entertainment has GREAT wedding packages!

Portrait of bride and groom

If you would like a packet through the mail contact Sound Byte. Please be sure to include your zip code.

Package # 1 ----$400.  Budget Wedding Dance-- Pro DJ playing variety of music (DJ choice), basic announcements, standard speaker system (300 watts), no lighting.  Dance is for up to 3 hours.

Package # 2 ----$525.  Basic Wedding Dance--  Pro DJ playing variety of music (client may specify genres).  Full announcements, music played during dinner if desired, standard speaker system, basic 4 light bar and a skirted DJ table.  Dance is for up to 4 hours.

Package # 3 ---$595.  Premium Wedding Dance-- Everything in package number two PLUS:  Premium 400 watt speakers,  premium lighting with additional light bar, pin light, strobe and disco ball.  Dance is for up to 4 hours.

Package # 4 -- $715. Super Premium Wedding Dance--  Same as package number three PLUS:  Full intelligent controlled super light system (over 15 beautiful light effects that bathes the entire room in color), illuminated DJ table or booth and wireless microphone technology.  Dance is for up to 4 1/2 hours.

Package # 5 -- $900.  Elite Wedding Dance-- Everything in package number four  PLUS: Intelligent scanning laser system, fog machine, bubble machine, decorative plants around DJ area and DJ('s) attired in formal tuxedo or evening gown.  Dance is for up to 5 hours.
All lighting or other items not included in a package may be added on an a-la carte basis.  Please ask Sound Byte for fee information on each desired add-on item.
Call toll free 1-877-686-3298 for booking appointments or more information.

CEREMONY MUSIC PRICING: You may choose to have an alternative to traditional wedding ceremony music. Sound Byte can provide recorded music for seating guests as well as the special music for the ceremony--All perfectly choreographed to blend into the ceremoy beautifully. We can also provide this for outdoor weddings if there is an electrical outlet at least within 500 feet of the ceremony.
The price for ceremony music ranges from $125. to $200. depending upon the length of the ceremony and amount of music required.
Karaoke services: All hosted karaoke events are $85.00 per hour during regular months and $100.00 per hour for "peak" months. (July, September and December). This may be pro-rated every 15 minutes if more time is needed. Hosted karaoke events include: A KJ (karaoke DJ), speakers,mics, karaoke system and 2 TV's. Larger TV's avail at extra cost.
WE PROVIDE BOOKS TO LOOK UP A VAST SONG LIBRARY WITH OVER 2500 TITLES!!! Our music is wide in variety and current.